Natural Language Learning Reading Group

17 Oct. 2003 Shinsuke Mori and Makoto Nagao, Parsing Without Grammar
24 Oct. 2003 Bernard Merialdo, Tagging English Text with a Probabilistic Model
31 Oct. 2003 Eric Brill, Unsupervised Learning of Disambiguation Rules for Part of Speech Tagging
7 Nov. 2003 Dan Klein and Christopher Manning, Accurate Unlexicalized Parsing
16 Jan. 2004 Anja Belz, Optimisation of corpus-derived probabilistic grammars
23 Jan. 2004 M.J. Nederhof and G. Satta, Probabilistic parsing strategies
30 Jan. 2004 K. Sima'an and L. Buratto, Backoff Parameter Estimation for the DOP Model