Reading Group on The Elements of Statistical Learning

Language and Inference Technology Group
ILLC, University of Amsterdam
Nieuwe Achtergracht 166
1018 WV Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Time: Monday 10:0-11:00
Room: B235

Overview: We are interested in statistical-learning methods (such as nearest-neighbor methods, bootstrap and maximum-likelihood methods, boosting, neural networks, support-vector machines, co-training, and maximum-entropy modeling), and we are especially interested in application of these methods to Natural-Language Processing (NLP). So, we plan to read some selected chapters of
which will provide us with the theoretical background of these methods. Additionally, we plan to discuss papers applying these methods to (tasks involving at least some) NLP.

Reading Group Members (so far): Gabriel Infante Lopez (, Valentin Jijkoun (, Karin Müller (, Breanndan O Nuallain (, Detlef Prescher (, Yoav Seginer (, and Khalil Sima'an (

Syllabus (so far):
Last updated: June 2003.